Doug's Review of Book 1

A flash of light in a dark sky...illumination is what I would say is the main part of this book. It has illuminated my understanding and brought more light into my mind.

I really liked the phrase of "the soft heart...It encouraged me to listen through my heart"

It moved me along on the next stage of my development into the onesss of it all.

I am looking forward to book 2.


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  • Wow! A book with content that opens you up! Not only did the pictures of the angels open my heart, the content blew me away which resonated with me on a deep level of knowing. An inner knowing of the limitless human potential we have. I am grateful to Sara as a clear open channel, a facilitator for healing, an author and a dear friend for bringing through this book which has helped me evolve on my journey of awakening to who I truly am. With Love and blessings to Warwick and his ‘colleagues’ too, may the readers be ‘enlightened’! :)


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