About Sara

I Sara have been a channel consciously since the year 2002
My own journey
Took me from a well known Berlin photographer’s life
In the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall

To the very quiet life on a little seaside town in New Zealand
Having a house on the east coast of New Zealand
Seeing every sunrise
Sleeping under the clear night sky
The huge window of my bedroom
Showed me every night
The star system of Orion
And the Southern Cross
Over the nights horizon
The rising of the planets would wake me up

A long time to be attuned
To it all

Teaching yoga
And being in nature as a photographer
Opened me up to the greater cosmic gifts
Living my own simple life
One day I went on a trip to Auckland
The big city
With the purpose to buy new furniture
For mums new house
Here in New Zealand
Auckland’s heavy traffic
And unknown roads
At the time
Had merged with me
Driving to the next furniture shop
Waiting on the Great South Road
To change the traffic lights from red to green
I saw a Big White Angel
Sitting on my front bonnet
The Angel looking out into the direction I was driving
Green light
I drove busy concentrating on where to go
Turning left on the next corner
Coming to another stop
At the next traffic light
I looked at the cars beside me
I realised
Every single car had more than one Angel around them
Very softly
But clear
I said to my mum
I see Angels

My dear mum
Who is a soft and quiet spoken being
Looked at me
And totally erupted out loud saying
Yes and the next thing you tell me is you can fly up that tree
She was deeply disturbed and said
Where is the map?
We were kind of lost
To find our next furniture shop!
Green light
I drove
Mum could not find the map in the car
It was gone
We had it earlier
I just calmly said
Do not worry
I can just ask the Angel
On my bonnet
Where to go
With no doubt
I connected to my car Angel
And it put its wing out to the left
At this forking road in front of me
I drove
Tried to look where that furniture shop was
I knew I was going in the right direction
I had been here before
I drove looking at the shops
And suddenly I knew I went too far
I turned around
And remembered the Angel
In my busyness
Here I asked again
I drove and it turned its wing to the right side
Mum being quiet in the car
Oops here we are!
The big parking place in front of the furniture shop

We got out of the car
And there were Angels everywhere
On each car

I thought “Really”!!!
I was thinking we do not need to lock up our vehicles
They were all protected
And I was aware that the Angels could talk to each other
Very practical thoughts
I said to mum
There are Angels everywhere on all the cars
She simply listened
As we got into the shop
It hit me with more
But we focused
On getting mums beautiful white leather couch
A lamp
And a table
But the table was not available
We had done what we came here for
I do not remember talking much more
About the Angels that day
We drove back home
A three hours journey
A long day
I went to sleep
Just totally in my normal routine

Next morning I woke up
And rang my spiritual girlfriend Raelene
She was over twenty years older
And I had known her for two years
She battled with leukemia cancer
Through my yoga
I had felt tingling in my hands
Through an Energy Healer
Who had visited town
I learned Magnetic healing
Every week I worked on my friend Raelene
I said to her
I have to tell you something
“I see Angels”
Her voice came through the phone
With full power she said
“That is fantastic!”
Her excitement had no limits!
I said yes with a quite doubtful voice
But that is not all
I can see it all
Dead people
And other Realms!
She could hear I was overwhelmed
It had just hit me!
She said the words of wisdom
“Remember you can turn it on or off”
This released me
She was so excited
I said it is either that I am ready for a mental home
Or this is A HUGE GIFT
We finished talking
And I decided to keep the Angels on standby
So they can come through
When they have an important message for me
Then I carried on with my normal day

The Angels would tell me
That we are all going through a huge time of change
And that people are going to need the Angels
And that there are thousands of Angels
Who are waiting for us to call them in
To assist us with what is to come
That night after I had done the dinner and dishes
I saw out of the corner of my eye
A huge white Angel
This went on for three nights
I could not ignore its presence anymore
So I sat down and wrote
What the Angel told me
It said it was an Elohim Angel
And it gave me jobs to do
I had to establish Twelve Light Crosses
Here in the area
They told me how to do it
And where to put them
They said it would help people to find their true way
As through those Light Crosses
The Angels could send their Light
Which then radiates out to the people
I shared this with my friend
And she encouraged me to do it
Some of the Twelve Light Crosses
Were at the entry of the local supermarket
The ferry
And the petrol station
It was so lots of people would go through those Light Crosses
To help them
Find their way back home
To their soul alignment
It was not long after this that my friend asked me
If I can see her Angels
And if I could tell her what they say
Sure I could
It was easy
I could hear them
But also vividly see their feathers
Brilliant metallic colours
With fine patterned details
And clear practical messages for our human needs
Fast spread the word
And more people asked me for readings now
As I did one after another
Different things would come through
Soul purpose and soul group understanding
And messages
Which I thought
Were irrelevant to that person’s life
I felt who am I to tell people what to do
I felt resistance to the whole thing
But I carried on as it unfolded in front of me

And one day
A woman out of our friends circle
Asked if I could give her a reading
She was deeply upset
The doctors had diagnosed her with a disease
Of a low immune system
Where she could never expose herself to the sun anymore
They said also there was no cure
This pretty woman was only in her early 40s
She said I love the sun!
I can not imagine how to live without being in the sun
I opened up and lots of practical advice came through

First I asked her if her husband was a problem
And she said
Yes my marriage is not good
My husband is an alcoholic
She cried
She left with at least ten practical tips to look at
And change
This woman never really got sicker from that day on
She got divorced within the next year
She sold her house and her business
I have never heard her talking about her disease ever again
Three years later she had moved away
She met her lovely future husband
She got married in the Sun in Italy!
I had witnessed the Effect of the Angel Readings
Her unfoldment convinced me
That I truly had received a Gift
Which I now had to learn how to nurture
And share
I had to learn to honour myself
For the guidance I would constantly receive
There was so much to learn
To do
It was hard at times
As I would get affected by the energies!
Many other clairvoyants would say
You have to protect yourself
But I understood I had to trust
There was a higher purpose
Why I learn this way!
No one else could understand
My inner guidance was strong
This does not mean that I have had no suffering
I did!
Many times over the years
I cried
Had headaches
Was over sensitivite to other people’s energy
And places
Energies in shops
Smells and fumes
At times life was confusing
It made me fragile
And feeling I am not normal
As being the norm means being average
One of my best friends who I lived with for two years
Witnessed me daily
When I sometimes said I am not normal
I am not coping with everyday tasks
She simply said
Of course you are not normal you see Angels!
You will never be normal
I love you!
She helped me
Not to be frustrated and overwhelmed
As I received incredible information on a daily basis
She just totally saw me
Accepted me
The way I am
She adored me
And she loves me
The way I am
She is my angel!
Those cosmic tools of
Are now more available to many of us!
Just as I had to open up
You have to open up
As you and your children
Are going to be confronted
With those changes of using the cosmic tools
We humans wake up to a greater cosmic consciousness
Where we are Limitless in Creation!
We are coming into alignment with nature!