Andromedarian Starguidance, Peru & Bolivia 8-25 August 2019

A 5th dimensional journey with the Andromedan Starbeings.

The future of earth needs nature loving beings who are interested in co-creating the new plant kingdom on earth.

We will travel through the vortex's of Peru and Bolivia to connect with the Andromedans who will lead us into our new consciousness about re-greening this beautiful planet.

Through Sara the Andromedan Leaders speak about

  1. Helping earth with her climate shift by raising your consciousness.
  2. Reconnecting with the elemental beings like fairies and leprechauns in the Andean Mountains.
  3. Chrystalline energy will be transported which will activate and balance the mineral kingdom.
  4. Creating the foundation for new species of plants and insects.
  5. Scientific understanding of Sacred Geometry so you can understand how to co-create in consciousness, a new forest for Gaia which is so needed. This will be done in conjunction with the Arcturians.
  6. Understanding about the pollination of plants through Pleiadian consciousness
  7. Foundation codes will be given to you to understand 5th dimensional force fields and higher vibrational biology.

A harmonic version of the jungle book is needed to serve the future "Cities of Light".

We will visit

Machu Picchu

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Andean Mountains

Ancient Inca site around Lake Titicaca

Island of the Moon and island of the Sun at Lake Titicaca in Bolivia




Deposit US$1,900 AS SOON AS to save your space and we can make the booking for the accommodation. Balance by 1 July 2019

Includes Accommodation: 17 nights twin share

Entrance fees to all Sacred Sites

And Sara's service of channelling and teachings



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Any cancellations must be made by email, preferably stating reasons. Once payment has been made the following refund policy shall apply.

An administration charge of US$350 to cover costs incurred for processing registration and cancellation. Cancellation 5 weeks prior to event - full refund less administration charge mentioned above unless participant has someone to take their place. Thereafter and failing to obtain a replacement participant, all fees will be forfeited. This is unless all 6 places are occupied at which time full refund will be given less administration fee.



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