Atlantean Goddess Greek Island Tour 8-22 Sep 2018

Atlantean Goddess Tour through the Greek Islands 8 – 22 September 2018

The energy of the golden age in Atlantis has been rising to the surface of Mother Earth, and on this journey we activate the light codes of the Atlantean Goddess energy within us.

Some of us have been living in the time of Atlantis at the high end of this stage of the civilisation. We had raised our vibration collectively and individually to a frequency of the divine goddess. A state of beingness.

Now Gaia herself, is giving consent to our new birth of living in bliss, flow and integrity with the whole.

Our reconnection with the stone portals on the Greek Islands will raise the collective vibration and our individual.

At the high end of the fall of Atlantis, we the fine attuned Goddesses, came together to bury all our wisdom into the stones of the earth where she could hold it sacredly. Now we are coming back to unlock the codes and carry on.

This two week Greek Island journey is for some of us the continuum from the vortex tour through the Sacred Valley of Peru (17 – 31 August 2018). Where the High Pleiadian Council activated us to rejuvenate with the stones of the Machu Pichu Sungate.

We will transport the understanding of unlocking the stones through our morphic genetic field to the women who come to the Greek Island Tour.

On the Rhodes Island we connect with the Acropolis of Lindos and the ancient temple sites. We will explore ancient grid points on Rhodes. We will merge with the energy of the Goddess.

Sara is the High Priestess of the Melchizedek Light Lineage. A long soul journey through the portals of Venus and her commitment to her beloved Gaia has enabled her soul to tap into the energy of the divine Mother.

Sara is connected to the divine Starcircle of the Goddess.

Many of you know Sara’s divine Cosmic frequency. Her codes are unique and help you to grow on a soul level and to reconnect to the Goddess in you beyond your limited understanding of self.

This time of awakening will be the celebration of the Goddess within you.

We will finish this journey in the Island of Santorini, the jewel, where we activate the Star Alliance grid onto the equinox energy.


The intention for this journey is a pure Goddess energy to worship the divine feminine within our soul codes and our relationship to all there is, like abundance, care and connection. We all have to the goddess codes in us. Now we are coming together to activate this ancient gift.

Many little moments will fill us. Here we are going to stay in original Greek Island accommodation…simple.

Our purpose is to merge with the beauty of this ancient life. Simple and in the heart.

We will do “Island hopping’ so flights and ferries, as well as day boat/sailing trips are part of our journey. Activating the blueprint of love, the Rose Academy of the many aspects of the Goddess within.

We will share arising wisdom as many of us will come into deep contact of heart presence frequency.

Old ancient feelings will arise in us. Gaia, our beloved planet is waiting for us to active our consciousness into the Goddess frequency…many souls will hear this call.

This tour is having some planned itinerary as well as guidance, and as change arises to be open in the flow of the Atlantean Goddess.

The Physical Journey
Some places will have to be pre-booked and some we are keeping open to work with our alignment.

We are star family 
If we show up in the right space at the right time without any agenda, then the magic that unfolds through our collective unified family field is our inner glorification. 

US $3300
Deposit US $1300 AS SOON AS 
to save your space and we can make the booking for the accommodation.
Balance by 1 August 2018

Accommodation: 14 nights twin share
Meals: All breakfasts & dinners 
Entrance fees to all Sacred Sites 
All inter-island transportation  

International flights 
Tourist Visas (where applicable according to Nationality)
Insurance – recorded full travel insurance 
Tipping – optional, in honour & direct relation to service received.
Personal communications & spending money

Sara soul service 
I have been called as the high priestess to be in service. 
For 16 years spirit is being preparing me for now.
I am on my own journey through being a yoga/tantra teacher, which connected me with ancient wisdom of unity and space holder to communicate from the heart.
I have been in service as a channel to divinely guide, heal and tap within. 
Since 2004 I have been activated to see the angels to communicate with them. My service is to the souls who came on to the path of awakening. 

What I have come to reconnect with my higher self is:
I am a high ascended master soul. 
I am understanding my multidimensional self.
I am a Venus star seed of the royal linage of light beings in the Melchizedek lineage. 
I am the author of Starseed Awakening. 
I have travelled this earth and always follow my callings, which has taken me to many sacred sites like Easter Island, Peru, Mexico, Sedona, Mount Shaster, Uluru in Australia, the Greek Islands and Poland, France with the calling of Mary Magdalena ....

My country of residence for over 20 years is my beloved New Zealand. 
Here I have been called to create an academy of light which is called Magic Land.
I work for the Council of 12, which resides on Orion.
My ability to be the channel for many high alliances is endless as I am in service to Gaia which I love. 
I am part of this transition as you are. 
I value the consciousness and clarity of my connected Self. 
I see, hear and feel spiritual beings.
I have experience of many dimensions of myself. 
I hear and see into many dimensions simultaneously. 
I am attuned and connected to the angelic realms. 
I was born in Berlin, I speak German and English.

Sara Melchizedek

Transcendent experiences are difficult and almost impossible to describe, because they are experienced from the great mystery of the universal heart, and not from the linear, organized, ego-based mind. From this point on, it becomes our hearts calling to bring these experiences back into our material world. And if we are lucky enough to be able to anchor this indescribable extraordinary space, even ever if so briefly upon on our world, we know an echo of this divinity will reverberate on our Earth forever. ~ Aluna Joy

Any cancellations must be made by email preferably stating reasons. Once payment has been made the following refund policy shall apply;

An administration charge of US$330 to cover costs incurred for processing registration & cancellation. Cancellation one month prior to event – full refund less administration charge mentioned above unless participant has someone to take their place. Thereafter and failing to obtain a replacement participant all fees will be forfeited. This is unless all 11 places are occupied at which time full refund will be given less administration fee.